Thursday, August 25, 2016


Oliver Herring TASK: Watch video here


  1. One thing to get out of this, I myself did at least, is that letting go of control over the outcome you might have been investing your anxieties and expectations into. The materials may be your choice and your decision, but the play involved in making those decisions won't be weighed down by the hesitation that can come with executing them in a way you might have envisioned. Letting go off this restrained seems to be an interesting idea.

    Makes me wonder of possibilities in constructing a prompt or arrangement of materials and perhaps letting it into hands that aren't my own - and once I've found an arrangement I feel comfortable with, stopping any development and THEN beginning to analyze it, deconstruct it, and make it my own through my subjective approach on an otherwise foreign point of view.

  2. I am particularly drawn to this piece due to its interactive aspects and influence from community. I love seeing the interaction of different minds come together to form this beautiful creation. I think that art should bring joy to anyone and everyone, and enjoyed that even children could partake in this piece. Even Herring, himself, was laughing about interactions he had with other people as they carried out their tasks. For people to get caught up at this event and leave their plans behind.. That's something special for an art piece.

  3. I actually had the pleasure of attending the task party that was located in the warphaus last year and it was a mind blowing event. Not only did I meet people who live in my community but I met people from around the country who had no shame in goofing off and helping to complete insane and creative tasks. It truly is a wonderful experience that I recommend to all who have not yet been part of it.